Workshop on RRI at the ECSITE conference 2016

This workshop provides a comprehensive training on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), the ongoing process of aligning research and innovation with societal needs and expectations and one of the most important science policy trends in EU funding scheme Horizon 2020.

It addresses the needs of professionals who are interested in leading their organisations into RRI practice, and will be particularly useful to those working in science communication/education, contributing to improve their interactions with researchers, policy makers, business and industries and civil society.
Participants will be exploring the RRI Toolkit (, an online repository bringing together dozens of unique and reliable tools for a variety of RRI scenarios. The RRI Toolkit is also a great place to look for answers on what RRI is. It provides a clear understanding of RRI and why it is becoming the future of scientific advancement and social innovation. And for those who doubt whether RRI has anything to do with their work, RRI Tools provides a self-reflection tool to help determine where they stand.

View the details for the event under the ECSITE webpage.