CAPTOR on Tour

CAPTOR is a project that aims to install and maintain a network of low-costs sensors for Ozone measurement with and for European citizens and thus support processes of discussion and learning on local level to find solutions to Ozone problems (involving local decision makers, citizens, organisations and researchers)

CAPTOR actively involves and empowers European citizens to stimulate ownership and responsibility for the quality of their air.

In Austria we recently started a tour to our test beds in Styria:

On a bright sunny spring day (19th of May 2017) the visited locations in Hartberg, where they will hang up RAPTORS in June.  The RAPTORS will be near the school in the middle of town and on the main square in front of the city hall. Two school classes from NMS Gerlitz joined a CAPTOR school workshop to learn about ozone pollution and the ways to measure ozone.

In the afternoon the CAPTOR project was presented at an information desk in the city centre of Hartberg.

On 13th of June the Autrian Captor-Team was on tour in Weiz, first at a school having performed a workshop on Captor for two classes, then at Innovation Centre Weiz having discussed ideal locations for the Captor measuring instruments as well as future scenarios to have the Innovation Centre Weiz built their own Captor measuring instruments as many as they need. Finally the Captor-Team had the chance to get in touch with passersby in the pedestrian area of Weiz. The overall experience from this day confirms our experiences from other public events on Captor: The presence of tropospheric ozone pollution is a widely untouched topic of discussion. Moreover the majority is not aware of the existence of tropospheric ozone pollution. To observe tropospheric ozone pollution via AirAct was of high interest.

If you want to know how you can participate, please check the different options here: