REVIVE workshop

On March 9-10 Joanna Wild, Margit Hofer and Anna Danielewska-Tulecka trained REVIVE project partners (universities, VET, Chamber of Commerce) on how to use the innovative iCamp technological methodology to improve and redesign existing curriculum. The training was structured around 5 main pedagogical scenarios prepared by the partner institutions: (1) learning as an individual, (2) collaboration and collaborative writing, (3) reflection on content and critical thinking, (4) reflection on learning process, (5) communicating and discussing.

For each scenario some application examples from iCamp trials were introduced, discussed and presented in the VIVE blog.

During some hands-on activities the workshop participants had a possibility to try out several social software tools, which were enhanced and/or developed further within the iCamp project.

Until September 2009 the project partners will be working on the pedagogical and technological redevelopment of the selected curricula. ZSI’s role is to support and consult the partnering institutions in technological realisation of their projects.

Here you can find the report from the workshop