Join us at the MKWI 2018

The paper “Innovation management in schools: Barriers and enablers to making as educative practice” (Voigt, Ch., Schön,S., Hofer, M.) will be presented at the MKWI 2018 in Lüneburg on the Friday 9th of March.
The presentation is integrated part of the E-Learning und Educational Service Engineering session:

The presentation by Christian Voigt will explores the use of maker technologies as activities embedded in a wider educational ecosystem. Innovations are generally described as the exploitation of new ideas; hence novel technologies and processes need to be adopted by the relevant user groups. The session starts with a conceptual overview of maker technologies, innovation types and highlights the special situation of educational quasi-markets, where innovation management is different to fully competitive markets. At the core of the presentation are teachers’ perceptions of barriers and enablers to using novel technologies.
Assuming a systemic perspective on innovations, the paper also discusses topics such as appropriate funding, national regulations, curricular flexibility, technologies ready to use and adequate training opportunities for teachers.
Hence, first findings of the research project eCraft2Learn on making and innovation management in schools are presented on the basis of 25 interviews from nine European countries.