Co-creation training for BLOOM hubs in Wageningen, NL


The Horizon 2020 project BLOOM started in November 2017. The main objective of this project is to establish open and informed dialogues, co-created by European citizens, the civil society, bioeconomy innovation networks, local research centers, business and industry stakeholders and various levels of government including the European Commission. BLOOM elaborates five hubs (communities of practice) that will allow for an iterative process that involves with all stakeholders through various cycles of value development, enabling cross-fertilization and idea generation through shared knowledge and experiences. Following a nucleus-centric approach, the five regional hubs strive to foster public engagement and develop with regional stakeholders outreach activities and materials on bioeconomy.

The Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) organised a project internal training on co-creation methods for the BLOOM hub leaders on 3.- 4. October 2018. The training fostered peer-to-peer learning and exchange. The participants tested several co-creation methods on bioeconomy related questions in order to achieve confidence in successfully planning and facilitating co-creation workshops with stakeholders in their hubs. The participants had room to plan, test, reflect and discuss the different approaches. The training was described by the participants as very intensive, constructive and inspiring.

The venue, Wageningen Research, was chosen, because the BLOOM partner WR hosts the Biobased Products Innovation Plant; a large R&D facility aiming at developing innovative processes to convert green raw materials (biomass) into biobased products. The participants of the training had a study visit subsequent to the training, where they learned about the research on biobased products and its processes in Wageningen.