New journal publication

In the latest edition of the International Journal of Advanced Corporate Learning (iJAC) Barbara Kieslinger, Kai Pata (Tallinn University, Estonia) and Claudia Magdalena Fabian contributed a special issue paper under the following title:

Participatory Design Approach for the Support of Collaborative Learning and Knowledge Building in Networked Organizations

Abstact: Engagement in collaborative learning and knowledge building activities is still a big challenge for many workplace-learning designers. Especially in highly competitive environments people might be reluctant to give away too much of their tacit knowledge. A feeling of ownership and an involvement of the individual in the planning of the learning activities can be important motivational factors. In an international research project called IntelLEO – Intelligent Learning Extended Organization we intend to follow a participatory design approach involving individual workers from the very beginning of the development process. The planned user participation will range from the first conceptual design phase through the different development stages until the final validation of the system. Our hypothesis is that this involvement will increase the motivation of the individuals for collaborative learning and knowledge building activities.

The work of this publication has been partly supported by the European Union under the FP7 project Intelleo.

The full article is availalbe at: