First trainings on Making with kids started in Austria

The DOIT coordinator Salzburg Research kicked off the first trainings on Making with kids in Austria on 14 October. The one-day training was held in the Makerspace Grand Garage in Linz with 7 employees of the Makerspace and 3 external participants. After an introduction to the DOIT program, the participants got the chance to try out a “Mini DOIT Action” on their own, in which they got to know all the steps – and of course, worked hands-on on a product idea.

This training overview displays all planned DOIT trainings by our two Austrian partners, Salzburg Research and ZSI, in cooperation with different other partners. DOIT’s facilitator trainings are for teachers, makers, parents, young people, who are interested how to develop and implement social innovation projects for children from 6 to 16 years in makerspaces or makerspace settings.
(cc) Salzburg Research

Some of these trainings are free for all (registration needed), other are adressed to special people, such as own staff and students. We will update the information if we do have more details.

Please note: As the trainings will be hold in German, the related information is typically in German as well.