EC-TEL 2009

This year’s EC-TEL conference took place in Nice, France, at the end of Sept/begining of October. According to the data presented by the organisers (who did a great job,by the way) it was the most successful EC-TEL conference so far with regards to the number of attendees.

Some of the highlights were probably the keynote from Peter Pirolli from the Augmented Social Cognition Center at  the Palo Alto Research Center. Peter presented his Information Foraging Theory along with some other work being done at his research center. Although I do have my doubts about this theory and where this could lead us too (e.g. loss of creativity) it was no doubt an interesting and well presented talk.

DSC01278 by peter j scott.

Marco Marcella from the European Commission gave an update on the latest Call for proposals in Technology Enhanced Learning.

DSC01287 by peter j scott.

and another highlight was of course the STELLAR General Assembly that took place the day before the official conference opening session.

DSC01396 by peter j scott.