JTEL Winterschool 2010 in Innsbruck

Barbara Kieslinger and Teresa Holocher are just back now from the JTEL Winterschool, Innsbruck. Here some impressions:

Great people, good atmosphere!

Our session was on participatory design and evaluation methods and it was nice to see that most of the participants find participation very important for the design of learning environments.

Apart from the commitment of the students there was also great commitment from may of the presenters to stay there for a few days, some even the whole week, in order to be around for the PhD students. Unfortunately we failed on this one as we had to go back the same day. Next time we will do better on the time planning!

One of the things that could be improved is the preparatory phase. For the preparation of our session it would have been great to know a bit more about the attendees and about the other sessions.

And we could have done well with a bit more time. 1,5 hour sessions are just really short if you want to do interactive sessions.

Anyway, we really enjoyed it. It is a pitty that we could not stay longer, not even for the skiing. Next time we need to arrange our agendas better.

by the way, people were twittering a lot. Here you can read more about it: #ltelws2010