ZSI connecting ICT and EC-Tel, presenting TEL

ZSI (department technology and knowledge), one of the exhibitors of this year ICT conference is presenting a LIVE CONFERENCE VIA the GLOBAL PLAZA conference tool of current knowledge and research in TECHNOLOGY ENHANCED LEARNING with contributions of presenters working in this fields, project presentations and live broadcastings from the EC?TEL in Barcelona.

TEL-GLOBAL offers a unique opportunity for all visitors interested in the latest technology-enhanced learning (TEL) topics to connect live to the main European conference EC-TEL2010. This event, entitled ‘Sustaining TEL: from innovation to learning and practice’, will be held in Barcelona (Spain), on 28 September-1 October.

Making use of the latest virtual-conferencing technologies, attendees will be able to participate actively in remote discussions with researchers from across the globe. Experts on the stand will also offer information on a broad range of TEL research projects with a specific focus on issues such as participatory design or the inclusive learning society.

For detailed programme please see: Program