Nanotechnology in everyday life: What do women/men think?

Project Nanochannels as a successful teaser for public debates

As a powerful new communication channel the Nanochannel project opens the so-called social media, to engage an interested public in the debate on nanotechnologies.
The Nanochannelproject is a publicly accessible experiment to initiate a democratic dialogue about the current and impending fundamental technological revolution, which implies radical changes in medicine, energy management, electronics, materials and safety.
Within the frame of Nanochannels nanotechnologies are discussed and debated in various popular print and online media across Europe.

On facebook now everyone can make his contribution to the topic, or follow discussions on socially relevant issues related to nanotechnologies:
Furthermore, on the Nanochannels website there are regularly updated online votes, which invite the public to express their opinion on everyday relevant issues concerning nanotechnologies.
TheNanochannels website is also a good resource for news and information about nanotechnology developments in a generally understandable format.
To the Nanochannel website:

Results of the last monthly poll: The question was: *Would you use a product, for instance, a tennis racket, containing a nanomaterial?*

Poll Nanochannels

Link with the results: El Mundo

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