ELIA – Emotional Literacy in Action

With 1st of October a new Project (under Technology and Knowledge) has started under the Life Long Learning Programme.
The objective of this project is to provide supported training to VET teachers in Emotional Literacy (EL) so that they can better manage their relationships with students, colleagues and other stakeholders, thereby improving classroom behaviour, motivation, academic performance, soft skills competence and long-term employability, and decreasing drop out and exclusion.

Following objectives are aimed for:
1) To train and support teachers in building constructive communication, interaction and relationship with their learners through an emotionally literate and culturally competent approach.
2) To increase young people’s engagement in learning, their motivation and to raise achievement. To help all young people be inspired and reach their potential
3) To contribute to the EU ‘s aim of reducing early school leaving to below 10% by the end of the decade

An innovative toolkit, that has been successfully integrated already in other countries, goes beyond teaching methodologies to provide effective solutions that facilitate learning, improve behaviour and raise attainment by helping teachers to develop effective communication skills with students and encourages a reflective approach to their teaching.