Kick-off meeting Nanopinion Vienna

The FP 7 funded project NANOPINION – Monitoring Public Opinion on Nanotechnology in Europe – starting with May 1st 2012 held its kick-off meeting in Vienna from the 21-22 May. The ZSI coordinated project with a consortium of 17 partners from 11 countries will conduct Information, Outreach and Dialogue activities across Europe within the next 30 months.

Its main aims are to foster  Public engagement on Nanotechnologies, involving a wide range of stakeholders and target groups and a Monitoring of people‘s opinions on Nanotechnologies.

In order to understand what people really think about nanotechnology, what their expectations and concerns are, and what adequate options for industrial and S&T policy responses could look like, Nanopinion is pursuing a multi-methodological approach. To involve the different stakeholders, the project will exploit a variety of user-friendly communication and dialogue methods, ranging from sophisticated social media,/ to tangible, face-to-face interactions (e.g. street labs, opinion labs). A virtual platform will be developed and loaded with social-media applications and various types of knowledge continuously edited. The project web portal will act as a virtual campus for lifelong learning, open for further use and extension.