The ViSH’s Big Christmas Opening

Watch out for the big Christmas opening of the ViSH – Virtual Science Hub! The big public opening day is on the 10th of December 2012. The ViSH, which is accessible via, is a place for science teachers and scientists.

If you are a science teacher you can give your science lessons a kick!  On the ViSH there are resources for science teaching linked directly with scientists.  The offers encompass live webcams and microscopes, videos, simulations and images.  These can be arranged into virtual excursions and delivered, via computers and mobiles, in class or at home.  Virtual excursions can have interactive elements, like live video sessions with a scientist.  The VisH can enable direct contact between you, your pupils and scientists. A new and innovative way to explore science together!

If you are a scientist, you can promote your research work towards a school audience. Through direct interaction with teachers and their pupils you can introduce this new target group to the experience of being a scientist.

So, whether teacher or scientist, check out the ViSH on the 10th of December 2012 and start networking, exploring and creating a new educational experience!

By the way, the ViSH is also on Facebook and Twitter. So if you are interested, follow us on:


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