Responsible research – addressed within the new RRI project

With the new year, ZSI is starting the new RRI project – Responsible Research and Innovation for society, with society.
The project is dedicated to develop and apply a training and dissemination toolkit on responsible research and innovation. It will be addressed and designed by all the stakeholders of the Research and Innovation (RI) chain of value, including Researchers, Civil Society, Industry and Education but will specially focus on Policy Makers in order to impact significantly in the future governance of RI.
RRI cosortium partners
The Consortium that will carry out the project is a 26 multi-stakeholder group of institutions with experience in different key components. The project envisages the creation of 19 RRI Hubs covering 30 countries of the European Research Area.
For more information on the project and possibilities for collaboration, pl. contact Ilse Marschalek.