Labour mobility in the ICT sector: What’s age got to do with it?

Study released about Employers’ perceptions about labour mobility and older ICT workers


The key aim of WP2 within the LLP project CaMEO is to build a knowledge base around mobility strategies for older ICT workers, with emphasis on the demand side (employers). This deliverable 2.6 first provides the outcomes of desktop research in the field of geographical, virtual and job mobility of older ICT workers, its barriers and obstacles. Each section starts with defining the terms, discusses core theories of mobility, and continues with empirical data if available or other relevant research results in these fields. As mobility ranks high on the EU Agenda, current EU directions are presented too. Second, this deliverable presents findings from narrative research with employers of ICT workers from the public, private and SME sectors in 11 EU countries, conducted between September and December 2014. This is geographically representative of the situation across Europe and enables the CaMEO consortium to formulate mobility policy recommendations that meet the needs of employers and support the inclusion of older workers.


Labour mobility in the ICT sector: What’s age got to do with it?


Author: Maria Schwarz-Woelzl