Responsibilty in NanoMedicine

In the framework of the RRI Tools project, members of the ZSI team will participate in the NanoDiode Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue on Nanoinnovation and Nanomedicine on the 6th of Mai 2015 in Graz.

The Multi-Stakeholder dialog will start at 14:30 with a keynote from Univ. Prof. Dr. Albert Duschl – Paris Lodron University Salzburg – refering to „What should I learn about nanotechnology?”.
This will be followed by the panel discussion with two further experts:

Ø Univ.-Prof. Thomas Bauernhofer, Clinical Department of Oncology

Ø Dr. Margit Hofer, Center for Social Innovation

In specific following questions will be discussed:

1) What is your opinion about real societal needs which could be identified for the different areas of innovation in medicine?
2) Why is innovation (such as nanotechnology) important for medicine and how do you take into account public preferences?
3) What are societal needs in medicine or do we even know?
4) How can we overcome the communication barrier between you as medical experts and society on innovation processes?